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Decision Support Tools

HMT must not only be concerned with producing better, more accurate, or more extensive hydrometeorological information, we must also consider producing "smarter" information. Forecasters and water resource managers are inundated with information. By developing "smarter" decision aids, we can improve the quality and timeliness of operational forecasts. Thus, decision support tools (DST) are a category of HMT activities involving the placement of HMT integrated and/or coordinated functionalities for use by forecasters in actual forecasting and hazardous event warning operations. DST outputs may also be used by other federal, state and local agencies to support decision making on hazardous event warning and mitigation, and for other water management purposes such as reservoir operations and water supply assessments.

Major sub-themes in this activity presently include:

  • Flash Flood Monitoring Program (FFMP)
  • Forecaster Workstation Upgrades Using Advanced Linux Prototype System (ALPS)
  • Integrated Water Resources Science and Services (IWRSS)