x-band radar

Quantitative Precipitation Estimates

Robust and accurate quantitative precipitation estimates (QPE) are at the core of HMT. They form the basis for an improved understanding of precipitating weather systems, are the key input for hydrologic models, and are the truth against which we can evaluate numerical weather prediction forecasts. The HMT-West field experiment offers several unique opportunities for both the phenomenological study and development and testing of QPE algorithms. The HMT-West program features simultaneous deployment of an expanded rain gauge network, a disdrometer network, profiling and scanning radars, and implementation of intensified upper-air observations. These will enable scientists to form a more complete picture of winter precipitation events in the coast range and over the Sierras, test new methods for deriving precipitation from more commonly available remote observing platforms, and determine the impact of these QPEs in hydrologic models.

Major sub-themes in this activity presently include:

  • QPE from Precipitation Gauges
  • Radar QPE
  • Multisensor QPE
  • Radar System Design & Gap-Filling Radar Evaluation
  • Best Possible QPE Supporting DMIP-2