Pine Lake, CA, by P. Neiman Big Bend, CA field site by Clark King flood residential neighborhood Hydrox Radar in the snow by Duane Hazen HMT's Canada Hill field site convection on the CA coast mobile ARO at Westport, WA site Folsom Dam HMT's Sugar Pine Dam field site
The NOAA Hydrometeoroogy Testbed (HMT) is a joint OAR—NWS testbed motivated to make " Communities that are more resilient to the impacts of extreme precipitation on lives, property, water supply and ecosystems." HMT is co-managed by the OAR Physical Sciences Division, and the NWS Weather Prediction Center in partnership with the National Water Center.
Major Activity Areas
link to QPE page Developing and prototyping 21st Century methods for observing precipitation
link to QPF page Addressing the challenge of extreme precipitation forecasting; from identifying gaps to developing new tools
link to Snow Info page Characterizing snow to address uncertainty in forecasting, flood control, and water management
link to Hydro Apps page Evaluating advanced observations of rain and snow, temperature, and soil moisture to provide best possible "forcings" for river prediction
link to Decision Support page Developing tools for forecasters and users of extreme precipitation forecasts