HRRR model sample

HMT Data Management

Data and information, including observations and model output, that were collected or created specifically for HMT are archived through the network of participants. The data are for research, prototyping or demonstration purposes. Each organization that collected the observations or ran the models is responsible for quality control, archival and sharing of their respective data sets, and for following their organization's data protocols.

Note that a central data archive for all observational and modeling data associated with HMT has not been created at this time. This has allowed greater focus of resources on use of the data, and takes advantage of the data management infrastructure that exists within each participating organization. Satellite, NEXRAD radar, and other standard operational data sets, as well as operational model outputs, are available through their normal channels.

For those interested in using HMT data, please consider establishing a collaboration with those who collected the observations or ran the models. This will ensure the data are used properly (e.g., appropriate quality control procedures are followed), and will respect the major efforts and research interests of those who collected the observations or ran the models.

The observational data and numerical model output produced by HMT research organizations are not considered "operational", and the availability or timely delivery of HMT research datasets and products is not guaranteed. No warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information are given. You should consider these data to not be quality controlled unless otherwise specified.

For further information or guidance on data requests, please contact the HMT Project Manager or the organization listed with each respective data set.