Access Data Collected for HMT Research

As a legacy of previous HMT-funded research and field campaigns, the NOAA ESRL Physical Sciences Division (PSD) maintains a comprehensive data web site that includes:

PSD Real-Time Observations

Sites are mainly in the western U.S. The user may scroll through the list of sites to see what measurements are available at each site. Depending on the site, measurements may include:

  • Radar wind profiler data (wind profiles, snow level, SNR, virtual temperature)
  • Surface meteorology (may include temperature, relative humidity, wet-bulb temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, or integrated water vapor)
  • FMCW radar (snow level, SNR, bright band)
  • Water Vapor Flux Tool (a combination of wind profilers, integrated water vapor, integrated water vapor flux, and precipitation measurements and forecasts)
  • Both graphics and text files are available

Access Data

PSD Data and Image Archive (archive of above measurements)

Access Archive

PSD Soil Moisture, Radiation, and Surface Flux

Measurements include:

  • Soil moisture
  • Infrared, solar, and net radiation
  • Latent and sensible heat fluxes

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Water Vapor Imagery and Automatic Atmospheric River Detection

HMT Satellite Support Imagery, including:

  • Latest 12-hour SSMIS products
  • Geostationary infrared and water vapor imagery
  • Automated Atmospheric River detection using
    • SSMIS integrated water vapor imagery
    • GFS integrated water vapor analysis, and
    • GFS 24-hour integrated water vapor forecast

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Disclaimer: The observational data are not considered "operational", and the availability or timely delivery of HMT research datasets and products is not guaranteed. No warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information are given. You should consider these data to not be quality controlled unless otherwise specified.