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Training Webinar on HMT Southeast Observational and Model Forecast Data

September 6, 2013

HMT conducted a "Data and Model Forecast Training Webinar" on July 31st as part of the HMT-Southeast Pilot Study (SEPS). The goal of the webinar was to provide information about observational and model forecast data being produced as part of the HMT-SEPS experiment, and share how the data/products can be accessed and used in a meaningful way.

Participants included representatives from a number of federal and state government agencies as well as academic institutions. The webinar was divided up into two parts. The first part focused on the HMT-SEPS field instrumentation and the data feeds and web displays with which to view and download the data. The second half emphasized the HMT-Ensemble (ExREF); this is the 9-km North American ensemble modeling system currently run in NOAA ESRL's Global Systems Division. The webinar concluded with a question and answer period. The webinar was recorded and a video of the training session, as well as copies of the individual presentations.

Contacts:  Rob Cifelli and Kelly Mahoney

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HMT-SEPS Webinar, 3 July 2013
HMT-SEPS Webinar, 3 July 2013
HMT-SEPS Webinar, 3 July 2013