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Weather Prediction Center scientists visit Earth Systems Research Laboratory for Collaborative HMT Meetings

May 16, 2014

HMT scientists Faye Barthold and Tom Workoff from the NOAA's National Center for Environmental Prediction's (NCEP) Weather Prediction Center (WPC) visited the Earth Systems Research Laboratory (ESRL) in Boulder, CO May 11-13, 2014 for collaborative meetings with HMT researchers in ESRL's Physical Sciences Division (PSD) and Global Systems Division (GSD) . As key members of NCEP/WPC’s Development and Training Branch, Faye and Tom focus on transitioning research results and tools into operational use. Their primary vehicle for testing new research tools and guidance is through forecast experiments such as the Winter Weather Experiment, Atmospheric River Retrospective Forecast Experiment and the Flash Flood and Intense Rainfall Experiment.

During their visit, Barthold and Workoff met with various HMT colleagues to discuss potential collaborative efforts in upcoming and future forecasting experiments. In particular, they met with GSD researchers to discuss the logistics and application of the Experimental Regional Ensemble Forecast System (ExREF) and the newly-developed relocatable ExREF nest for the upcoming 2014 FFaIR experiment in July. They also met with ESRL/PSD scientists to discuss the future applications of updated reforecast database guidance and the PSD’s role and participation in the 2014 FFaIR experiment.

Tom Workoff and Faye Barhold of the NCEP/WPC visited Boulder, CO in May 2014.
Tom Workoff and Faye Barhold of NCEP/WPC visited Boulder, CO in May 2014.