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National Water Center Grand Opening

June 26, 2015

HMT researchers joined NOAA Administrator Kathy Sullivan, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, and other dignitaries for the ribbon cutting ceremony of NOAA's new National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, AL on May 26th.

The National Water Center is located on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. It is intended to deliver a new generation of water information and services, including prediction of hydrologic extremes. HMT will contribute to the National Water Center goals through unique observations to improve physical process understanding and assessments of model (atmosphere and hydrologic) performance. HMT supports the water center through its mission:

  • To accelerate the development, prototyping, and use of advanced hydrometeorological observations and models to improve our physical understanding and representation of precipitation and surface processes, leading to improved monitoring and prediction of extreme events.
  • To foster infusion of these advances into NOAA services, and to provide customized information for local and regional decision making.
  • To support the broader needs for 21st Century precipitation information for flood and water resources management and improved ecosystem services.

Contact: Rob Cifelli

cover of CA Drought service assessment
Ribbon cutting ceremony at the new National Water Center grand opening.
Ribbon cutting ceremony at the new National Water Center grand opening.