ARs in the News
March 4, 2011

Atmospheric Rivers in the News

The topic of atmospheric rivers, a phenomenon that has been a focus of HMT-West activities, has been in the news lately, both as stories on NOAA's home page, in the print media and on key blogs. This interest and outreach represents a growing awareness of the role of atmospheric rivers in weather and climate, specifically in terms of precipitation, flooding, and the global water cycle.

Recent Stories (January-February 2011)

The public interest has emerged partly as a result of the convergence of several key events and activities:

11-12 February 2011: The first-ever science flight of the NASA Global hawk with a dropsonde system was over an AR in Feb 2011, as part of the joint NOAA, NASA, NCAR, Northrup Grumman Winter Storms and Pacific Atmopsheric Rivers experiment (WISPAR)
1 February - 7 March 2011: The CalWater experiment conducts research aircraft flights, scanning radar, and other observations in Northern California, including a focus on ARs in a changing climate
13-14 January 2011: The USGS-led "ARkStorm" emergency preparedness scenario development project explored the potentially devastating effects of a series of strong ARs hitting California and held a major symposium with 250 participants from scientists to Congressional representatives
10 January 2011: The HMT-West Legacy project, sponsored by California's Department of Water Resources has funded the deployment of a permanent network of four atmospheric river observatories along the California Coast
18-22 December 2010: A series of strong ARs struck California, setting the December monthly total rainfall record for Los Angeles
17 December 2010: A special session on ARs is held at AGU's Fall meeting in San Francisco
15 December 2010: The launch of an AR General Information Web Page
1 December 2010: HMT research led by NOAA/ESRL/PSD on ARs applied to NOAA's Rapid Response to the Howard Hanson Dam Crisis
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